YDME 50 Digital Door Lock, Satin Nickel

Smart Locks
  • Multiple Access Options
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Mechanical Key Access
  • Lasting Battery Life
  • Low Battery Notification
  • ₹ 12,499 MRP ₹ 15,999

    (inclusive of taxes)

    Installation and demo ₹ 1000 FREE

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    Never carry keys again with the Yale YDME-50 smart door lock - an intelligent door lock . YDME 50 has various access solutions: RFID Cards, pin codes and mechanical keys override. It has modern design and Invisible keypad which can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm


    • Smart Solutions for your home. YDME 50 has multiple modes of access like RF card, pin code and mechanical key override.
    • YDME 50 can register 30 RF cards and 78 pin code users.
    • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal : It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED.
    • Convenience: It can upgrade your existing door lock and supports door thickness from 38 mm to 55 mm.
    • For convenience as well as for safety in case of emergency, lock is automatically unlocked from inside with the lever handle
    • YDME 50 Compact Look allows it to be used for internal/bed room doors as well.
    • Various access allows it to be conveniently used in small hotels also.
    Auto Locking: Yes
    Door Thickness in mm: 38-55 mm
    Fingerprint: No
    Manual Key: 2
    Model Type: Latch
    PINCodes: 32
    RFID Card: 30
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    safe is not open by key

    i purchase safe and digital lock, i have problem in open through Key.

    Yale Digital Main Door Lock (YDME50)

    Ordering & shipping was amazingly quick and so was the installation. The person who came for installation was experienced and good natured. The working of the lock is wonderful with all the three modes (mechanical key, RFID card and pin code). I hope this lock gives a trouble free service for next many years.

    Poor, lazy approach towards customer

    I seriously don’t understand why Yale don’t hire professionals for their job.. online buying experience, delivery experience, installation experience, toll free customer care experience .. every thing is worst!
    1) Buying experience-
    There are not enough videos and information about product for the layman to know, technicalities and what and why He should choose Yale? Yale india has no videos on YouTube for their products.. whole world uses YouTube as their platform.. they should also upload videos of installation and operation. But no!!
    2) Delivery Experience: the courier service they use “safe express” was pathetic.. my product was out for delivery for 3 days.. if you are not sure about delivery.. don’t take the product with you.. it can damage the product.. every single time I was forced to follow up with them. Cheap, lazy, Sloppy, useless
    3) toll free customer care: the person I called on toll free was asleep and couldn’t understand and reply to my queries properly.. he was irritated that I called him.. in the afternoon! The second time the person gave me installation reference number..
    4) installation: I mailed several times so that they will bestow their attention towards me, then some very unprofessional man messaged me asked me for “lukesan” (location) came examined my door.. said installation can’t be done cause your door is 32mm.. ( he should asked me before coming about my door thickness while he was busy asking me for “lukesan”) then he went outside on a call for 15 minutes.. lingering around my corridor.. while I was waiting at the door with the product.. then again he came bestowed his attention towards me.. and said “Boss bhi bole nahi ho sakta installation “ and then he went.

    The lock and the safe which came free with that is with me.. as a showpiece.

    Yale you are taking your customer for granted.. and it will reflect.. you don’t care about your customer.. you don’t give a damn.. you need to change every person! From top to bottom.. you need people with passion!

    Lock not installed

    Lock not installed



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