How to protect your home when you go on holiday

When we leave home each morning, we get used to locking up, setting the alarm behind us, and doing all the necessary security checks before heading out for the day.

But, when it comes to leaving our home for a prolonged period, maybe to visit family for a weekend trip or even a week-long vacation, those daily security checks become even more important to ensure our property is protected whilst we’re away.

From a new range of smart security products to your ‘old-school’ padlocks, there are plenty of ways that you can ensure your home and garden is secured against opportunistic thieves when you’re not there to protect it yourself this summer.

So, read on to discover the holiday top tips from the home security experts here at Yale.

Alarm, calm
Most homeowners often consider the security of their property when they’re away. In fact, sometimes it can even ruin the rest and relaxation planned for the holiday itself, worrying about whether their home is secure when they’re not there to protect it.

A high-quality alarm system is a must-have for all-year-round security protection. Not only does a bell box deter opportunistic criminals, but a smart security system can also help you monitor your home’s security from anywhere at any time via a smartphone.

So, if you’re planning on getting out and about this summer, updating your home with a smart security system is a great way of reassuring you that your home is protected and making daily life just that little bit easier.

Stay off social
When you’re enjoying your much-needed time off, the urge to share exactly what you’re getting up to with family and friends is at an all-time high.

From sunsets to summer selfies, we all want to show off the wonderful experiences of our trips, and social media allows us to do just that with a click of a button. But did you know that allusive criminals could be scouring your social feeds for hints like these to find out which properties lay empty this summer?

Of course, a first step would be to ensure all your security settings are set to ‘private’ on each social media platform to ensure no one outside of your family or friendship group can see your posts.

But, what homeowners should really do is weigh up the importance of posting whilst they’re away, and instead consider reducing the risks by sharing those fantastic experiences upon their return.

Everybody needs good neighbours
Post building up, wilting plants and curtains or blinds open at night can often signal to thieves that a home is unoccupied.

So, if you’re planning on exploring what your country has to offer this summer, it’s important to make arrangements for a trusted neighbour, friend, or relative to make occasional checks of your home.

From picking up your papers to watering the plants, making sure that your home looks lived in is essential to keep those burglars at bay.

A smart security solution that can come in handy at this time is a smart door lock.

Allowing you to create temporary mobile keys, a smart door lock can ensure your trusted house sitters can enter your home safely and securely, without the need to share a physical key for that added peace of mind.

Smile you’re on camera
Securing the home is, of course, our main priority when considering security upgrades. But we believe just as much prioritisation should be on securing our outdoor spaces.

With trees, bushes and other greenery offering perfect hiding spots for criminals, the garden is often a prime target when they’re considering how to gain access to a property.

Which is why outdoor security cameras are the perfect deterrent to keep those thieves at bay, showing these criminals that you take your home security seriously.

Smart security cameras can even allow you to monitor the perimeter of your property via your smartphone, so whilst you’re away you can keep one eye on your home, and the other with your head in a great book.

And whilst you’re considering security upgrades to your outdoor spaces, don’t forget to secure those garden gates. A high-quality padlock will do the trick, protecting against a range of attack methods to stop any opportunists in their tracks.

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