• Why does your family need a smart lock?

    Why does your family need a smart lock?
    A home is a place where one feels the safest. The comfort of your home is like no other place? Why do you think that is the case? It is because of the trust and emotional value that we hold. It is a place that houses all our memories, legacies, valuable items, and most importantly our loved ones. We secure our loved ones with insurance, our valuables in a safe, and our legacy in our hearts. But despite all this, is our home absolutely secure? Well, this is why one needs a digital smart lock. It is a...

  • Yale Access App

    Yale Access offers you everyday convenience and trusted security for your entire home through smart security solutions and the Yale Access app.

    We’re here to help you protect the things that matter the most. Peace of mind is only a tap away.

    Download the Yale Access App directly to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

    Keep the most important things safe. And connected.

    Are you letting the right people in? The door to your home isn’t just about keeping the bad guys out. It’s also about letting the right ones in - your family, friends, and favourite service providers. Yale Access gives you the peace of mind of knowing who and what you love...

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