• Top tips on creating an integrated home security system

    As more people start to invest in smart home technology, smart home tech is fast becoming a key part of our day to day lives. In fact, according to statistics, by 2025, there will be over 478 million smart homes worldwide*, revealing homeowners are starting to utilise technology to make their lives more convenient.

    One area which is continuing to grow rapidly is smart security, from checking your security cameras, to making sure your front door is locked, smart security can help give homeowners peace of mind that their home, possessions and loved ones are safe and secure.

    And to help make life a fraction more convenient, smart security can be fully connected to other smart devices in your...

  • How to protect your home when you go on holiday

    When we leave home each morning, we get used to locking up, setting the alarm behind us, and doing all the necessary security checks before heading out for the day.

    But, when it comes to leaving our home for a prolonged period, maybe to visit family for a weekend trip or even a week-long vacation, those daily security checks become even more important to ensure our property is protected whilst we’re away.

    From a new range of smart security products to your ‘old-school’ padlocks, there are plenty of ways that you can ensure your home and garden is secured against opportunistic thieves when you’re not there to protect it yourself this summer.

    So, read on to discover the holiday...

  • Enjoy your summer holidays with peace of mind.

    Summer is a time our thoughts gravitate towards beaches, adventures, holidays, and spending time outside, it is also a time to be thinking about keeping our homes safe.

    To offer the perfect solution, Yale with its 180 years of security expertise has created the Sync Smart Home Alarm to bring a new level of security to your household whether you’re home or away and without having to pay additional subscriptions fees! Recognized for its intelligent design and security at the Prestigious DIY Week Awards in the United Kingdom, The Sync Smart Home Alarm is easy to install and can be customised to suit your needs and the...

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