Top tips on creating an integrated home security system

As more people start to invest in smart home technology, smart home tech is fast becoming a key part of our day to day lives. In fact, according to statistics, by 2025, there will be over 478 million smart homes worldwide*, revealing homeowners are starting to utilise technology to make their lives more convenient.

One area which is continuing to grow rapidly is smart security, from checking your security cameras, to making sure your front door is locked, smart security can help give homeowners peace of mind that their home, possessions and loved ones are safe and secure.

And to help make life a fraction more convenient, smart security can be fully connected to other smart devices in your home, creating an integrated home security system.

However, understanding how these devices connect and work together can sometimes seem confusing, and so the expert team from Yale have provided some top tips on how to create your own integrated home security system, to help you through the process.

Make smart security choices
When starting to consider your smart home security system, it’s important to think about the type of security products which would work best for your home and lifestyle.

If you want to add more convenience as well as security into your lifestyle, a smart lock is the key (or not in this case). Controlled through your smartphone or by using a key fob, key card or pin code, your smart lock can put you in control and give you peace of mind, knowing your home is safe and secure.

A smart lock also allows you to track who comes and goes from your home, via the smartphone app. Monitor who has opened or locked the door, anytime of the day, and you can also revoke or give virtual keys to family, friends or any trusted neighbours visiting your home.

It’s also useful to see what’s happening at home even when you’re not there, which is now possible with the help of a smart security camera. Watch over the front, or back of your home from anywhere via your smartphone. When choosing your security camera look out for additional functionalities such as night vision, motion detection and two-way talk functionality.

Always be in the know, both day and night and keep track of any unwanted visitors to your home with a smart camera. An outdoor camera can also work as an active visual deterrent against any unwanted visitors.

Choose your voice assistant
With more and more homes having voice assistants and screen voice assistants, having a security system which works with your chosen voice led device has never been more important.

Having a voice assistant which is compatible with your smart home products, such as smart alarm, smart cameras, or smart lock, will provide you with added convenience and the ability to control your smart security using just your voice.

With a screen enabled device, once integrated with your products it’s never been easier to control your smart home. Simply ask your device to show you the front door or back garden and you can easily see what’s happening outside, all from the comfort of your home.

Integrated with your smart lock or smart alarm and it’s possible to ask your voice assistant to unlock the door or part arm your smart alarm. Integration with voice assistants put you in control of. Your home security, with just your voice.

And so, when you’re shopping for either a new voice assistant, new smart home tech or smart security, it’s worth doing a little research into what products integrate and work together, and which system will work best for your lifestyle.

Create a connection
At Yale, we try to make securing your home seamless and convenient. That’s why we work closely with our trusted partners to create a connected smart home.

Yale’s range of smart security products are designed to work together, controlled via your smartphone, you can be in control of your home security all through your smartphone, from anywhere.

Connect your smart lights to your smart door lock or smart alarm, or link all your products together with Samsung SmartThings, for a fully connected smart home.

As the smart home sector grows, additional products will be added to the Yale’s partner portfolio, creating a wider connection within the home.

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