Why does your family need a smart lock?

Why does your family need a smart lock?
A home is a place where one feels the safest. The comfort of your home is like no other place? Why do you think that is the case? It is because of the trust and emotional value that we hold. It is a place that houses all our memories, legacies, valuable items, and most importantly our loved ones. We secure our loved ones with insurance, our valuables in a safe, and our legacy in our hearts. But despite all this, is our home absolutely secure? Well, this is why one needs a digital smart lock. It is a security that is beyond physical safety, it is about guaranteeing peace of mind.

Ever locked out of your house because you left the keys on that table? Are you worried that your lock is easily breakable? Do you need someone to keep checking on your house when you are away on a vacation? Or you simply don’t remember whether you locked the front door or not? Well, you can bring an end to these silly anxieties.

With the new roar of smart locks in the market, security has never been easier. However, are you still skeptical of installing a digital door lock? Look no further as we are here to tell you why you and your family need a digital door lock for the safekeeping of your home.

No more losing your keys
One of the major causes of getting locked out is losing your keys or forgetting them somewhere. But with an electronic or digital lock, you will simply have to punch in your security code to get in. You can also secure your locks with the fingerprints of your family members to control access. There is also an option to use RFID security locking to ensure exclusivity. Yale digital locks also offer you an option of a mechanical lock in case of emergencies like a system malfunction or power cut. With so many options, life gets smooth sailing.

Complete access controlGain complete control of who comes in and goes out. You can monitor who enters or tries to enter at any time of the day. All you must do is connect your lock with the Yale Home app and guarantee the safety of your home and loved ones. Your child cannot run out of the house without your permission, no stranger can barge into your house, and you can also ensure the door is locked whenever necessary.

Secure your home with Elegance
Be a part of the innovator community with stylish locks that enhance the security of your home. Welcome your guests with a classy first impression. You can dazzle up your main door with state-of-the-art locking systems from Yale home locking systems. And no worries when it comes to installation, you will not have to compromise on the aesthetics of your door when installing a futuristic door lock.

The first step to home automation
Begin your journey of smart home automation from the moment you enter your house. You can integrate your smart digital lock with your home assistant and other smart electronics seamlessly. Track everything and keep your home ready even before you arrive. Yale digital locks have the capability to integrate with home systems like Alexa, Google Home, and more.

Peace of mind anytime, anywhere
Authorize access to anyone and monitor any activity with your door lock even when you are miles away. Say goodbye to days when you worry about theft at home, or a window being left open. Control who enters your house and give one-time access to trusted ones and enjoy your vacation as it should be enjoyed.

The era of smart home automation has begun. It is time you start your automation journey by installing Yale digital locks on any door without any hassle. It is time to nurture your peace of mind. Get free installation and demo with Yale tech executives and simplify your home security now.

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