Trusted Everyday

Since 1840 we have protected homes and peace of mind. Our story started in small lockshop in US when Linus Yale created his first lock innovation. We have evolved together with people and society from a mechanical innovator to driving the evolution of connected, smart locks and homes. Our brand stands on the solid ground of trust, knowledge and heritage; making durable, quality products. That is why we still exist today and in more than 120 markets.

Linus Yale

Everything Yale is today, we owe to the ingenuity of Linus Yale. He opened his first shop for handmade banklocks around 1840 and soon there after a lock factory in Newport, USA to manufacture the unique pin-tumbler lock he had developed. Till today his mechanical innovation is the core of our locks in most of the markets.

The Pin-Tumbler invention

Yale’s best known lock design is the cylinder pin-tumbler lock. This locks innovation is similar with the ancient Egyptian lock, but with a sliding, rather than rotating mechanism (US patent 18,169). This mechanism prevent the lock from opening without the correct key and is widely used till today.

Our Values

Improving lives

Our passion is to improve the lives for us all, all over the world. If you know your home’s safe, it’s easier to get on with life and enjoy time together without worrying whether the door’s locked or the alarm’s set.
We strive to make day-to-day life easier.

Putting you first

To lead, we need to listen. We are present in over 120 countries, and we talk to people like you to learn about your live, dreams and needs. Some of us are excited about the latest tech. Some worry about privacy. And some just need a lock.
Understanding what matters most is the core of what we do.

Innovating thoughtfully

We have a history of it. Linus Yale knew locks could be designed better. But we don’t just develop new ideas for the sake of it. Innovation today is about how we integrate our products into smarthomes, platforms and services.
How we can make life more convenient without compromising security.

Seamless experiences

The point of innovation is to make life simpler and better. Every time you interacts with us, we want it to be as easy as can be: from the way you learn about our products to the way you use them every day.
We want to be invisible, but there when you need us.

Earning trust

We exist to answer a really fundamental need: to feel secure. Everything we do is geared to this, from how we engineer our products to how we support you. We were there for your grandparents and we’ll be there for you.
Trust is something we earn, and work to sustain everyday.