YDME100NxT Smart Door Lock, Black, Fingerprint, PIN, RFID, Manual Key Access

Smart Locks
  • Multiple Access Options
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Mechanical Key Access
  • Lasting Battery Life
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    YDME100NxT Smart Door Lock, Black, Fingerprint, PIN, RFID, Manual Key Access
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    Never carry keys again with the Yale YDME 100NxT smart door lock - an intelligent biometric lock with advanced one-touch fingerprint verification technology. 


    • Smart Solutions for your home. Various Access : YDME 100 Nxt has multiple options to access the lock- Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID Card and Manual Key
    • Secure Fingerprint access means you will never have to worry about forgetting your passwords or lost keys. It is the most convenient way to get in with precise and rapid one-touch direct fingerprint identification.
    • The fashionable and advanced touch keypad technology is used. Lock not only supports the opening with various pin codes but also you can set time bound or one-time usage guest codes as well.
    • Convenience: It can upgrade your existing door lock ( both LH & RH)  and supports door thickness from 35 mm to 65 mm.
    • If someone tries to open or break the door with force or enter an incorrect access input more than 3 times consecutively, the door lock sounds a warning and disables authentication for 3 minutes to help prevent trespassing.
    • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal : It warns in case of low battery with alarm. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock.
    • No wires, no hassle and easy to replace, with 4 x AA batteries and a warning when they are running low. The lock’s memory will also ensure all credentials and settings remain when changing the batteries, making this simple and hassle free.
    • Battery Exhausted; no issues. Simply power up your lock with portable power source with USB port and open the lock with your preferred access type.
      Card: YEs
      Door Thickness in mm: 35-65
      Finger Print: Yes
      Fingerprint: 100
      Integeration with VDP: No
      Manual Key: 2
      Model Type: Mortise
      PINCodes: 100
      RFID Card: Yes
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Replaced the faulty product

      Today 29-09-2021 the technicians changed the electronic lock ydme 100nxt.
      Looks like this is an upgraded model because the usb point is situated near the manual lock slot instead of being in the bottom of the outside unit.
      Time will tell how this one performs.


      It's friendly user and safe.Excellent service

      Security lapse from a faulty lock

      Update after just using it for 2 months. The lock locks and unlocks on its own. This is a serious security lapse and if the cimpany does not resolves this immediately with replacement of the faulty lock or complete change of model if they are confirmed faulty production then ill be forced to take legal action against the company. My entire home security went for a toss. Imagine if i would have been out of town and this had happened then. I would have been open to a house break in.
      This is not only technical but also criminal as this particular unit has a history of failing.

      Just fantastic

      Carrying, misplacing or keeping keys with your neighbours was troublesome. Me and my family are at ease now. The lock can be used with either keys, pin, fingerprint or rfid cards. While you are out and you have a trustworthy maid you can give her or him the rfid card for entry. You can also have multiple pins given to multiple family members. The lock memorises the pins used at what time of the day if at all one needs to know who entered the house. I recommend this particular lock particularly because it has a slot to use with a battery backup for emergency incase of the lock batteries die. Ill give Five stars .

      KV Singh

      Very effective, good service provided for installation

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